Fingernails on Chalkboards

The clouds stream across the sky
drug, I daresay by the very
fingers of God
as one scrapes
fingernails across the chalkboard.

He claws his Almighty way in,
an angry protest,
rending the heavens to
speak of hope.

Reality Beyond Perception
streaming like netflix,
a visage of fire
like rain from the heavens
like a thousand thousands
wending hither and yon,
to and from the
Throne of The

Bitter and Sweet
mingle together underneath the tongue
the tart and tangy taste we crave
already and not yet
becoming one with us
in consumption.

We are hungry for the Divine.
We are hungry for justice to be done.
We are hungry…but perceive it not
in the midst of such

So we pray before but
not after
this meal, this feast, this feeding on carnality
seeking satiation
still, not willing to give one inch
to truly change
our lives
if not
the world.

Listen to the screech, and
turn not away from
the good teacher.

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