Back Off World

Sometimes you want to scream at the world,
tell it to back off,
take a hike,
pick on someone its own size.

Sometimes you get tired of the way things are.
One more life trampled,
one more crushed by the wheels of progress
burning towards commerce,
heartache and mourning in their wake
and us here,
left behind to pick up jagged pieces and carry on
with delicate steps
and bloody hands
raw from grief-stricken
and groping for

No, things are not as they should be
and yet
they are
in tension

What is and what could be and what we can’t believe merge together to become
with all its highs
and lows
and Christ in it and through it and behind it and
us here reaching for a fizzy drink
aching for meaning
reaching for happiness
tired on this journey
and too full of this thing called hope.

Gorged, really.

At least until tomorrow
when another life soars
while another one sinks
and we make our home on that jagged brink
of love
Through Christ
In Christ
Behind Christ
In spite of and because of Christ
Who’s love is greater.

Back off world.
Just let it be.

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