The Regression of Humanity


I saw a T-shirt recently that displayed the phrase “Something, Somewhere Has Gone Entirely Wrong.” Below the phrase there was a picture of the evolutionary progression that is fairly common; on the far left is a monkey, then a stooped over neanderthal, then a fully grown, fully erect young man with a spear in his hand, presumably hunting and gathering for his food.

He’s in the center of the progression, and typically that’s where the progression ends.

However, on this particular T-shirt, the next figure was a stooped over man wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase, on his way to a job he evidently hates, and to the right of him, on the far right of the progression, it shows the man sitting in the same position as the monkey, staring at a computer screen, mouse in hand.

I really like this T-shirt. I don’t remember where I saw it; in fact maybe it was a bumper sticker instead of a T-shirt, I’m not sure. The truth of the matter is, no matter where I saw it, it resonated with me.

Especially as I get back into the swing of things after being in a much healthier (physically at least) culture for a couple of weeks. My days are filled with sitting…and eating (which wouldn’t be so bad for me if it was the kind of food we enjoyed in Asia; mostly vegetables and whole foods).

Granted, we’re just now starting to feel back to normal after our flight home (just over a week ago), but the truth remains that it’s just more difficult to eat well here. Real food (as opposed to ‘convenience’ ‘food’) takes time to prepare, and a commitment to cleaning up when you’re done. Over the past week or so, we haven’t had energy for much of anything, much less cooking, and so we’ve been eating a bunch of crap.

That crap makes us feel like crap, which gives us less energy to make positive choices, like exercising and cooking real food. So we rely more on the quick and easy fixes to our dietary dilemmas…thus reinforcing the lethargic approach to our days.

It’s a spiral I’ve often been in, but to see it unfold in such a short amount of time, and in such stark contrast to what I experienced with my in-laws in the beautiful country that I shall not name…it’s been an education to say the least.

God did not create us to feel like crap, to eat like crap, or to sit around all day in front of computer screens and windshields. And yet that’s exactly what so many of us fill our time doing.

Go outside today; right now if you can. Feel the breeze, go for a walk or a run, eat a carrot or an apple and notice the texture of it. Swear off sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or even beef for just a day or two and see if you can’t feel a difference in your body. Choose to be active for 20 minutes a day for a week and see if you don’t start looking forward to it.

Life is about choices, and we’re all in it together. Let’s make this a better year, yeah?

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