Twice As Far, Twice As Fast

I’ve recently decided that I’m going to qualify to run the Boston Marathon before I die.

Boom. There it is. (stop laughing)

I’ve never run a full marathon in my life. I’ve run a handful of 5k’s, I ran one “mud run”, and I ran a half-marathon back in November. That’s the extent of my running career (did I mention that by mile 10 of that half marathon, I wanted to die?).

I haven’t run much (at all, really) since November. But in hindsight I’ve learned that I was happier, healthier, and generally more content when I was actively reaching towards that goal, even though it seemed to consume most of my free time. I ate better when I was training. I slept better when I was training. I generally felt better, I had more energy, and I stayed healthier (as far as colds, flu, etc.) when I was training.

So here it is, four and a half dark, cold, sedentary months later…I’ve been sick at least twice if not three times since November. I haven’t exactly gained weight, but I feel like I have. I’ve lost energy, I’m not real motivated, and I don’t really have any desire to go for a run.

And yet I’ve decided to train for Boston.

In case you didn’t know, Boston’s Marathon isn’t a normal Marathon. Most races, you sign up, send in your money, you show up on race day and run.

Not so with Boston. You actually have to “Qualify” to run the Boston Marathon, which is why you hear so much about it (relative to other Marathons).

I turn 35 this year, which puts me in the 35-39 year old age bracket. That means if I want to run it by age 40, I have to run a “Boston Qualifier” in less than 3 hours and ten minutes sometime in the next 5 years.

Remember that half marathon I just told you about? The one that just about killed me? I ran it…in a little over 3 hours and ten minutes.

So to accomplish this goal, I’m going to need to run twice as far, twice as fast.

I’m under no illusions about this goal that I’ve set for myself. I’m lazy, I’m overweight, and I have a job that requires lots of sitting.

I also hate running in the cold, which makes it challenging to stay motivated through the dark days of a northern Ohio winter.

So if you ask me if I really think I can do this, my answer is no, absolutely not. I do not believe for a minute that I can qualify for Boston in the next five years.

So when I do, I will have accomplished something that’s truly unbelievable.

How about you? Any unbelievable goals you’re setting?

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5 Responses to Twice As Far, Twice As Fast

  1. Yep. My book proposal is just about ready to be sent in. And I’ll be there to hand you your medal. I’ve always wanted to visit Boston. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    go for it pat! you can start training while you are visiting us–you won’t be able to use cold weather as an excuse lol. but seriously, if we don’t dream big, how are we ever going to accomplish anything great. it rarely just happens upon us. see you soon.

    • nafzigpa says:

      In a couple of weeks I’ll be an international athlete. 🙂 Are there any 5k’s in your area when we’re there Rachel? Then I could say I’m an international competitor who’s training for Boston. 🙂

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