A Solitary Snowflake

I walked downtown today, and on my way back to the office, just before I re-entered the church, I saw one, solitary snowflake slowly descending from the heavens above. It was a picture of beauty; pure, and white, lazily drifting along, driven yet lackadaisical in that after-lunch slump.

In a moment it was gone; vanished in the grass at my feet. I turned my eyes to heaven in search of its companions; they were nowhere to be found. For the briefest of moments, I felt sorrow for this solitary snowflake, this outcast, banished, cast upon the winds of fate to find its fortune in destitution, isolation, bitter cold abandonment.

And so I wondered at this marvel. It had come so far; so very, fantastically far. It had retained it’s shape, it’s beauty, and it’s purpose with every gust of wind, through infinite wastes, riding the wind past who knows what, all alone; with no support, no friends, no family, and no recognition save for the split second I observed it’s fall to the ground, where it dissolved into oblivion on contact with the grass.

I was in the right place at the right time to observe this most mysterious phenomenon…and then I realized something.

It’s just a snowflake.

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