Anything Less


Yeah, I’m a preacher.

But you’ll never hear me say
that line about
“God’s Perfect…”
whatever it might be.

Maybe timing
or will
or plan…
as if we create
this reality
where ‘perfect’ can be known
even more clearly
than we ourselves
are known to others…

for we know
on an existential level
that perfection sought
amounts to nothing
and anything less
can only be ‘good’…

which was ‘good’ enough for God
way back
in the beginning.

We know deep down,
on an existential level,
that handfuls of broken dreams
and good intentions laid like pavers
line the path we’re taking.

We’re slowly forming firm foundations
with jagged shards of once high hopes.
We’re building there slowly,
lives well (if only once) lived.

You and I…make a pretty good “we.”
And “we” are not the arbiters
of Reality
spelled with a capital “R”
because I refuse
to define myself
or the world I live in,
or the hope of a better,
less broken world
with anything less than a capital letter.

“We” have to get this-
“We” have to understand-
on an existential level
that God’s ways are not our own
that God’s thoughts are not our own

And that our attempts to misdirect
or circumvent
the uncomfortable truth that “we” encounter in
the “other”
do not need a capital letter.

For they are lower case ways
of living.

If God does indeed have a
Perfect Will or
Perfect Timing or a
Perfect Plan
these things have no business
with my pain or
your pain or
our shared pain because
all those words do
when crossing your lips
is draw lines in the sand
and highlight the fact
that you
me and

The world is broken enough and
“we” are broken enough and
the broken pieces are painful enough
without this painful pursuit of perfection
masking Reality with a capital “R.”

Life is hard, perfection a myth but
anything less

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2 Responses to Anything Less

  1. Les Horning says:

    Love it! Fascinating when God’s Perfect Plan is invoked to explain human pain.

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