A-Musing Mondays, Philosophical Fridays, and Everything in Between

So, because of Christine, I’ve given up movies and television for Lent. I’ve chosen to blog instead…every day throughout the Lenten season in place of mindlessly consuming those forms of entertainment.

I’ve done this for a few weeks now, and I’ve noticed that blogging is some seriously hard work. I suppose the same is true of any creative work. You should enjoy it, but you should also be tired when you’re done, right?

I’m finding that it’s somewhat satisfying to write for no audience (present company excluded).  I spend a lot of my time sculpting a verbal message for a Sunday morning, with my attention given to how certain truths will be received by certain people.  In short, I spend a lot of my time being very careful with the language I choose.

So it’s nice, in some ways, to just write for writing’s sake in this format. It’s nice to write with no worries about how it sounds or who’s going to see it…after all, when I’m doing it every day, there’s just not time to be that careful. 

Now, I am planning to back off of this thing after Easter. I’m not going to post every day…but maybe a few times a week.

Amusing Mondays should be fun. Wacky Wednesdays will hopefully lighten up the week. Philosophical Fridays will be reserved for those topics I just can’t see my way through…the ones where the deeper in I get, the darker the mystery seems to be.

If you want in on the action, please check out the Mennonite Muse on facebook and start chipping in!  I’m pretty excited about the rest of 2013.

I hope you’ll keep coming back!

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