Sunday School and Supremacy

Do you remember going to Sunday School when you were a kid, and it seemed like every question the teacher asked, “Jesus” was the answer? My friends and I could be completely screwing around, completely off topic, not paying any attention at all to the lesson, but then we’d get called on…and we’d answer, somewhat timidly…”Jesus”.

Actually, that’s probably not exactly true. Sometimes the answer was “Moses”. It really depended on whether we were looking at the Old Testament, or the New Testament. Maybe that’s why, for the first decade of my life, I always got Moses and Jesus confused with each other. In some ways, I’m still trying to sort that out.

“Jesus is the answer.” Far from staying the course as a simple  Sunday School answer, for many well-meaning Christians this phrase serves as an evangelical tool. “Whatever life throws your way, Jesus is the answer.” The Bible is a book of answers, and the church is the place where we go to have our questions answered.

Faith, in this understanding, is a place of certainty, and clarity, and resolution and wholeness.

But what might happen, if we started seeing Jesus not as the answer to all our questions, but rather as the Question to all our answers?

What if, instead of retrenching our biases, our beliefs, and the certainty which offers us protection from uncertainty…what if Jesus instead questions our assumption that we are in the right? Can we imagine such a Jesus?

There is a temptation to view Christ as the supreme answer to all of life’s mysteries…but I’m not so sure Christ isn’t instead the Supreme Mystery himself.

If that’s the case, we have a lot of re-learning to do.

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