Domesticated Deity

We’ve domesticated deity with our cheap, plastic telescopes (see previous 2 posts).  We’ve pinned our future on dreams of distance, hopes of possessing a technology so powerful that we can keep reality at bay.  Meanwhile the plastic and glass through which we view the world has imprisoned us; we are captors and we are captive.

Through smoke and mirrors we look and find that the God once perceived as wild and untouchable is really a perfect reflection of our very selves; created in our image; sharing in both our enemies and friends.

Imprisoned within our plastic and glass, this god is enraged by exactly what enrages us.  This god is a god of grace for our sins and judgment upon the sins of others.  Too often we play the role of Warden in this prison; playing with our telescopes and turning them within; serving ourselves with introspection.

When what’s needed is to remove the telescope altogether.

To remember that we are not made of plastic nor glass; that the true and honest life does not consist of smoke and mirrors, nor mere child’s playthings.  There is no filter that can distance us far enough to render inconsequential the happenings between flesh and blood and spirit and soul, for we belong to each other.

No plastic prison can maintain a safe enough distance to keep us from the cry we all long to make “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?”

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