Fisher Price

I can remember a Fisher Price playset I got for a birthday one year when I was just a kid.  It consisted of a wide, orange belt that I could strap around my waist, a canteen (complete with holder), and a clip on the belt that could hold a pair of binoculars and a telescope (both really worked!).  It was awesome.  

I never wore the belt that much, and I never got into using the canteen…but the telescope was one of my favorite toys from that era of my childhood.  Depending on my mood (and what books I had been reading), that telescope helped me solve all kinds of mysteries, and it joined me on far flung adventures to Siberia and beyond.  

I was enthralled by the way you could make all your troubles disappear simply by peering through the ‘wrong’ end and watching everything get smaller as I extended the tube.  

If only it was all that simple now, some 30 years later.  


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