I’ve had an itch recently (relax; not that kind of itch) to give more attention to blogging. It’s not that I think the world needs yet another set of pixels gazing into the vast and varied views of God or faith or Jesus or the Human condition…rather it’s because I know and love a whole lot of people who are spread across a whole lot of world; and this is one way to connect with you on a level that’s a little bit deeper than skype, email, or face book.

I’ve had a blog for awhile at http://www.patnaff.wordpress.com and I’ll probably continue that for awhile, but I felt like I’m changing direction a little bit with what I want to do in the future with blogging. Patnaff is a piecemeal and eclectic composition, sporadic at best with no real focus.

Here at The Mennonite Muse, however, I hope to bring more focus to this corner of the white noise known as the blogosphere. I’ll try to make at least one post per week; probably a sermon, and what I’m after is respectful conversation and feedback. I offer this blog primarily as a resource for preachers (whether they be male or female) and seekers, since I think the best preachers are seekers themselves.

From time to time, if you keep checking back, I hope you’ll be offended at least once if not more often. I think we owe it to ourselves to challenge the empty platitudes that too many of us take for granted, and I think if and when we wrestle with God long enough, eventually we receive a blessing (along with injury).

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope to interact with you more in the coming weeks.

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