Cosmic Now

I just read somewhere that (according to Einstein) time is relative to motion.

That means the faster you travel, the slower time passes… right?  The thing I was reading taught me that if I could travel at the speed of light, that time would essentially be standing still (of course it also taught me that my mass would expand exponentially and I’d die before I’d ever get to that point).

But if that’s true–if at the speed of light time stands still…doesn’t it mean that on some metaphysical level we’re all caught up in one gigantic, cosmic “now”?  Better yet, if God is Light and that Light pervades all we know as time itself, then are we not swept along in God’s current of love every moment of every day?

God has spoken Jesus into our time–into this cosmic “now” which encompasses both our future and our past.  This is salvation–that Jesus is.  Eternally.

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